Publication: A “society of control” without management control? Thoughts on Big Data

The development of Big Data is today dedicated to gigantic datafication possibilities - transforming all aspects of life into data - and quantification offered by information and communication technologies. The purpose of this article (written in French) is to explore the impact that this massive availability of data could have on the controls [...]

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Interview With Eliane Sheedy, MSc Graduate Specialized in Management Control

By Stéphanie Rioux-Wunder Studying complex information on greenhouse gases in companies, analyzing the calculation strategies developed and making a concrete contribution to environmental issues in society, these are some elements that summarize the master’s thesis written by Eliane Sheedy as part of her MSc in management accounting under the [...]

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Digital Transformation: Are Accountants Ready?

By Stéphanie Rioux-Wunder Without a doubt, gone are the times when financial statements were the only source of information for investors. These have multiplied and consequently the nature of the work of accountants too. Thus, the question is whether in the past, accountants have adapted well to these developments [...]

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Alexis Gregory Boily is Recipient of the CPA International Research Chair in Management Control Scholarship 2018

The CPA International Research Chair in Management Control awarded Alexis Gregory Boily a $ 3,000 scholarship for his research project which focuses on the question: "Would the capitalization of art collections improve the information needs of users of financial statements to support strategic decision-making and investments for the various stakeholders?" This research grant [...]

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