Breakfast Conference on February 8: Are Whistleblowers a Necessary Evil in Corporate Governance?

On February 8, the CPA International Research Chair in Management Control is participating in the organization of a breakfast conference with Anthony Menendez, CPA, CFE, a former employee and whistleblower of one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world. An opportunity to better understand the ins and outs of corporate denunciation. Registration: [...]

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The Director of Finance: A Major Player in Governance. An interview with Stéphane Arsenault, Chief Financial Officer at Héroux-Devtek

Stéphane Arsenault This interview, led by Lambert Jerman, Assistant Professor in the Department of Accounting Studies, is the second in a series that allows us to study the role of finance directors "in practice". In the first interview, we had a meeting with Mr. Donald LeCavalier, Senior Vice-President, Finance, TC Transcontinental. To read [...]

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How to “Optimize” the Finance Function? An Interview with Donald LeCavalier, Senior Vice President, Finance, TC Transcontinental

Donald LeCavalier This interview, conducted by Samuel Sponem, associate professor at HEC Montréal and holder of the CPA International Research Chair in Management Control, is the first in a series that allows us to study the role of finance directors "in practice". To read the interview on the website of Gestion (in French)...  

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Should Accountants Working in Companies All Be Business Partners? An Article on the Place of Accountants in Organizations

Caroline Lambert Samuel Sponem Professors Caroline Lambert and Samuel Sponem launch the Chair's blog on HEC Montreal's Gestion Magazine with an article relating to the accountant's role within organizations. "For the past 50 years, we have been seeing calls to transform the corporate accountant's role in professional publications and accounting professionals [...]

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