The Digital Revolution: its Impact on Accounting Work and in Organizations

According to a report published in 2013 by Frey and Osborne [1], 47% of trades in the United States could be replaced by a computer or robot within a few decades. Clearly, the digital revolution is a factor of upheaval for organizations and society in general. Accountants will not be spared as pointed out by Alexis-Gregory Boily and Samuel Sponem in a previous article entitled ‘Big Data and Accounting Firms: A Revolution?‘, accountants will not be spared.

In order to explore these issues, we brought together a panel of experts at the second edition of the ‘Symposium for CFOs and Controllers: How to drive a digital transformations?‘ During this event, Camille Grange, Assistant Professor, Academic Supervisor of graduate programs in e-commerce and MSc Co Director in e-Commerce at HEC Montréal, highlighted what is now understood by digital revolution.

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