Marie-Astrid Le Theule, senior lecturer at the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Cnam), and Samuel Sponem, professor and holder of the CPA International research Chair in Management Control, contribute to the book on the main trends in management control with their chapter entitled “Creativity: an Impossible Control?” (Créativité : un contrôle impossible?) This chapter outlines the different forms of uncertainty associated with the creative process, and explores the effects of different possible forms of control on the creative process and the management of uncertainty. Aiming to reflect on management control as a social phenomenon, this brand-new book is coordinated by Claire Dambrin and Damien Mourey and published by EMS Management & Société.

Le Theule, M.-A. et Sponem, S. (2023). Créativité : un contrôle impossible? In C. Dambrin et D. Mourey (dir.), Les grands courants en contrôle de gestion (p. 297-316). Éditions EMS. Management & société.