The debate over whether universities have become more managerial or retain collegial traits is ongoing. Using a quantitative study on all French public universities, the present study examines the different dimensions of collegiality and their links to performance metrics applied to research activities and outputs. The study found a mix of conflict and hybridity depending on the dimension considered, with the use of performance metrics negatively linked to professional autonomy but compatible with organizational citizenship and faculty participation in decision-making. Overall, faculty participation in decision-making was the only aspect of collegiality that resisted the advance of managerial logic in universities.

Mignot-Gérard, S., Sponem, S., Chatelain-Ponroy, S., & Musselin, C. (2023). Kaleidoscopic collegiality and the use of performance research metrics. The case of French universitiesHigher Education, 85(4): 887-918.