Honorary Chair: Geneviève Mottard, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ordre des CPA du Québec

Host: Samuel Sponem, Professor and Chairholder of the CPA International Research Chair in Management Control, HEC Montréal

The digital revolution (Big Data, analytics, hosting applications, etc.) is ushering in fundamental transformations for organizations and their business models. As a result, the time and facilities required to generate accounting data are changing. These new technologies are also making it possible to integrate an increasingly diverse body of complementary non-accounting information – albeit not without a fair share of challenges in terms of data interpretation.

But do these transformations threaten to undermine the leadership of CFOs and controllers when it comes to generating and interpreting this information? Long at the top of the accounting food chain, financial executives are now facing this new reality, where a different type of expertise is required of them – one that is not necessarily in their wheelhouse. And in this brave new digital world, the “adapt or die” mentality is truer than ever.

This symposium will address these issues, based on the following questions:

  • How can your finance team stay in sync with your organization’s digital transformation? More specifically, what kind of IT investment projects can they spearhead?
  • How can the digital transformation be applied effectively to the finance function? How are these shifts redefining the role of the finance function compared with other organizational units?

A panel of high-profile CFOs and controllers, specialized consultants and renowned scholars will share their thoughts on these matters.


  • Camille Grange, Assistant Professor, HEC Montréal
  • Yvan Joyal, CPA, CA, Sobeys’ Québec
  • Katia Marquier, CPA, CA, Oceanpath
  • Carl Robillard, M. Sc., CPA, CMA, Emyode
  • Hugues Talbot, Stratevo Consulting
  • Michel Vézina, Professor, HEC Montréal

This symposium is a joint initiative of the CPA International Research Chair in Management Control, Executive Education HEC Montréal and the Ordre des CPA du Québec. It is intended to delve further into the issues examined at the 2016 Symposium for CFOs and Controllers focusing on “How to Strike a Balance Between Compliance and Strategic Leadership.” Participants will have a unique opportunity to interact with their peers and discuss the digital challenges facing today’s financial executives.


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