The FSI Competition aims to promote excellence in sustainable development reporting among Canadian companies. It is conducted in collaboration with university students who constitute a jury. For this 5th edition, and like last year, a team of HEC Montréal students participated in the competition and was supervised by Samuel Sponem, Associate Professor and Holder of the CPA International Research Chair in Management Control. The HEC Montréal jury team consisted of Tanya Giannelia, Mohamed-Khalil Mrad, Mathieu Lévesque, Axelle Prezelin and Gabriel Rompré, all MBA students as well as of Audrey St-Jean, M.Sc. student.

Tanya Giannelia and Gabriel Rompré share their experience and the importance of ESG initiatives (environmental, social and governance factors) taken by companies. Moreover, these factors are among the many criteria of the evaluation grid used by the jury teams of the 2018 edition.

On the left: Axelle Prezelin and Gabriel Rompré, MBA students and member of the HEC Montréal jury 2018.


‘I greatly appreciated participating in the evaluation of sustainability reports of several Canadian companies. I was impressed to see the interest that some Canadian companies have in their report on ESG initiatives. I praise the FSI and its competition that encourage companies to communicate their ESG results and put them at the heart of the company’s mission. I believe this information is useful for investors seeking to make decisions based on a company’s results that are not only financial.’

Tanya Giannelia – MBA

‘I had the pleasure of working on reports analysis of several Canadian companies at the FSI Competition for Best Sustainability Report organized by the Finance and Sustainability Initiative. The organization’s ambition is to encourage more and more organizations to take ESG initiatives seriously and place them at the centre of their company’s mission. I found the experience rewarding and useful. I also had the chance to participate in many FSI lectures on responsible investing as a student member during the year.’

Gabriel Rompré – MBA

Photo credits : Michael Abril

Gabriel Rompré, MBA student at HEC Montréal.